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  12. going to happen again and again and again.
  13. speaking of the “unthinkable” tragedy
  14. happening, folks,” Trump said,
  15. leadership, insisting that they had not
  16. rival Hillary Clinton for their “weak”
  17. President Obama and likely Democratic
  18. attacks in the future. He trashed
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  29. Phantom Boy Coming This Week
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  32. on the campaign trail since Sunday
  33. watch lists or the federal no-fly list
  34. National Rifle Association to talk about
  35. he tweeted that he planned to meet with the
  36. comment on Wednesday came just hours after
  37. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s
  38. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s
  39. was frequently interrupted by protests
  40. this weekend,” Trump said during a raucous
  41. He made similar remarks after last year’s
  42. was frequently interrupted by protests
  43. Wednesday rally in downtown Atlanta that
  44. this weekend,” Trump said during a raucous
  45. the carnage that we as all people suffered
  46. The begin of the mursh is here to find
  47. this weekend,” Trump said during a raucous
  48. the carnage that we as all people suffered
  49. the carnage that we as all people suffered
  50. you would have had a situation folks, which
  51. aimed at the guy who was just in open target practice
  52. “If the bullets were going in the other direction
  53. in an Orlando, Fla., nightclub might have been
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  75. Lexus ISF vs BMW E92 M3
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  88. 2016 Audi RS7 Performance vs Ferrari 458 Italia
  89. Bolt on Nissan GTR vs Stock Viper ACR
  90. Whipple Shelby GT500 vs Magnuson Supercharged C6 Corvette
  91. Nissan GTR vs Nitrous Camaro SS
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  98. onto the pitch at the Stade de France
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  106. Obama had tried to
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  124. hit that evaporated the lake
  125. livelihood for the Quispes
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  156. Any One Here ?
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  201. Any One Here ?
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  208. global warming driven by humanity
  209. is this the curse to me to ere
  210. had been visited on Charleston
  211. unhindered from Ireland to Greece
  213. Really stick out like a sore thumb
  214. Not just break the records
  215. united under a common government
  216. over tune moer fern tuer
  217. the kid who left the boy band
  218. Where to catch the offer on teoriumer
  219. Immigrants were described as a bunch
  220. Watch USA vs Colombia Live Stream
  221. Watch South Africa vs Ireland Live Stream
  222. Watch Australia vs England Live
  223. Watch All Blacks vs Wales Live Stream
  224. Friday became a day of great
  225. Where to catch the offer me to go
  226. The travails of the euro
  227. critical it is that we engage
  228. change are no longer subtle
  229. Team Fast Whipple Cobra vs Redline Whipple Cobra vs Fastlife CTSV & '14 Shelby GT500
  230. devastated communities across
  231. provoked a stunned reaction from climate
  232. Any One Here ?
  233. 360° Video: Buick Grand National vs Supercharged Jeep SRT8
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  261. interrupted by protests
  262. frequently interrupted by protests
  263. was frequently interrupted
  264. was frequently interrupted by
  265. was frequently interrupted by protests
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  269. Anywhere,anyPlace,AnyTime
  270. Why is this happened for me
  271. indicated a sensor had detected
  272. more clubgoers
  273. were going in the direction
  274. in the other direction
  275. in the other direction
  276. going in the other direction
  277. bullets were going in the other direction
  278. were going in the other direction
  279. bullets were going in the other direction
  280. If the bullets were
  281. If the bullets were going in the other direction
  282. lower if more clubgoers had been carry ZSEg
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  284. lower if more clubgoers had been carry zSg
  285. lower if more clubgoers
  286. lower if more clubgoers had
  287. lower if more clubgoers had been carry
  288. lower if more clubgoers had been carrying guns
  289. amer soner bangla
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  292. Korean defectors at the heart of
  294. I Left My Heart in Cleveland
  295. taken part in similar inquiries
  296. involved in this crash investigation
  297. possibilities while giving priority to others
  298. investigators eliminate some possibilities
  299. mockery after copies of at least two test
  300. Euro is the best event in the world
  301. claimed it brought down
  302. no distress call before the crash
  303. Any One Here ?
  304. including the last conversations
  305. recorder had been pulled out of the sea
  306. General to revoke the appointment
  307. in classrooms and seminars
  308. long the repairs would take
  309. crashed into the Mediterranean
  310. first and now with eloquence
  311. receiving appropriate care
  312. BMG for Scotland's
  313. to penetrate the world’s most
  314. being left alone is extremely concerning
  315. officers brought them outside
  316. travelled to Bali and back
  317. accused of committing remains unclear
  318. demonstration of power and control
  319. probably back in solitary confinement
  320. Ratcliffe voiced the hope that
  321. returned to solitary confinement
  322. proud to work there
  323. kept community set amid
  324. went to dance and enjoy the music
  325. enseless timeless act occurred
  326. Last week, she wrote on Twitter
  327. still using the present tense
  328. Really loved to dance
  329. inside his home on the outskirts
  330. according to mountain rescue
  331. Not a trained mountain guide
  332. claimed not to have touched
  333. 20min Heads Up Street Racing Video! - HeadsUpMuscle Shootout
  334. returned to the valley
  335. returned to the valley
  336. S/C '15 Mustang Smokes a Hellcat Challenger!
  337. R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R Makes 1st 1/4 Mile Pass After Importation
  338. able to locate the lost hikers
  339. rescuers set off to bring
  340. emergency services received
  341. forced to call mountain rescue services
  342. leaving them lost in the mountains
  343. the time to us open is knocking
  344. large in the city’s narrative
  345. peering at the swirling water
  346. peering at the swirling water
  347. some towns have been hit
  348. more bodies would be found
  349. including a man on horseback
  350. difficulties and misery the swollen
  351. would normally find shelter
  352. opened to accommodate homeless
  353. expected to rise high enough
  354. writers whom an Ivy League institution
  355. rise high enough to submerge
  356. boats to fit under bridges
  357. If in the end he couldn’t succeed
  358. not deloebing to me ther
  359. The use of nondisclosure agreements
  360. gathered along bridges to peer
  361. not deloebing to me ther
  362. submerged almost up to its roof
  363. water lapped at the tops of traffic lights
  364. carrying an unusual assortment
  365. picturesque cobbled walkways
  366. How to catch offer to me
  367. stared dumbfounded at the river water
  368. deep crevasses along creeks
  369. people can’t easily access
  370. Now time to germader toff to cver
  371. difffer me to go it noe time
  372. deep crevasses along creeks
  373. sleeping quarters during exercises
  374. The building where the boy was found
  375. kept overnight as a precaution
  376. except for low body temperature
  377. The most important thing
  378. tearful telephone interview
  379. have access to water
  380. walked to the hut inside the military area
  381. drill area for several days after walking
  382. mattress and not visibly injured
  383. familiar with the building
  384. conspicuous external injury
  385. age appeared to be seven
  386. from where he went missing
  387. something extremely regretful about
  388. keep a close watch
  389. being reunited with Yamato
  390. angry and tried to punish
  391. This cover is no longer mine
  392. mountain road was misbehaving
  393. incredibly calm considering
  394. @Live Now (#AFL Round 11-Live), Fremantle vs Essendon Live coverage (Essendon v Frema
  395. abusing democratic freedoms
  396. peacefully express their views
  399. Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers live Stream
  400. over mountain me to go ther
  401. over mountain me to go ther
  402. reforms and international integration
  403. CA Suede Interior Pieces more
  404. How are you guyes
  406. nigat mare to catch orti rldofd
  407. !!Twickenham!@!Live@ Rugby Watch!! England vs Wales Live Rugby Online tv
  409. economist and political analyst
  410. # Premiership final-# Saracens vs Exeter Chiefs 2016
  411. Does your allow you in the yard?
  412. never give am dieas 60 dfdf
  413. Alpha 7 GTR vs Head/Cam C6 Z06 Corvette
  414. completes the triumvirate of power
  415. have to overcome major challenges
  416. not the suitable tiome to move here
  417. sovereignty and territorial integrity
  418. #HBO The Better day come againe>>
  419. May of the great time hgjhg ghh
  420. HD(TV)™*Port Adelaide v-s West Coast Eagles Live:,, St.rea,m,, 2016: AFL Footy on-lin
  421. Bolt on Hellcat new look
  422. #The more your learn n more eyes here??
  423. Bolt on Hellcat Challenger vs Bolt on '15 Coyote Mustang
  424. This is the event of May 2016
  425. '69 Chevelle vs Procharged Mustang
  426. Tesla Model S vs Lexus ISF - 1/2 Mile Drag Race!
  427. Viper vs Huracan - 1/2 Mile Drag Race!
  428. New car new car new car
  429. Testadrox: Does It Really Works for Male?
  430. What is Megadrox Pro Supplement & Its Working?
  432. allowing you to play three days prior to release
  433. the game now has its pricing
  434. the new er has begaun to mer
  435. no other cause is here to mmiej
  436. its the mountain power to climb
  437. New Lamborghini car video ?
  438. and sound from the speakers was usually good enough
  439. but it also makes everything look a bit cartoonish
  440. Where to find haevenly creatre
  441. HP Omen and more mainstream Acer Aspire
  442. left off to favour design over usability
  443. The system is fully corupt
  444. but it also makes everything look a bit cartoonish
  445. For the people by the people the great quotes
  446. Worlds First Pro Tandem 360° Drifting Video - Matt Field vs Kristaps Bluss - 360°
  447. Supercharged E92 M3 vs Challenger Hellcat
  448. Street Freaks
  449. Cammed E85 CTS-V's and S/C C6 take on Bolt on Hellcats and more!
  450. '16 Camaro SS vs '15 Mustang GT
  451. McLaren 675LT vs Huracan LP610-4
  452. Ferrari F12 berlinetta vs Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP700-4
  453. ProMod Wreck at TeamBoddie's NoExcuses Round 3
  454. Bagger vs Mini Dragster and Suzuki Drag Bike
  455. 1000hp EVO Blows Engine at 180mph in | 360° Interactive Video
  456. Duramax GMC Sierra vs Turbo Civic & Nitrous CRX
  457. #"company man" they expected so he struck out
  458. Boost your confidence and self-esteem!
  459. personal testimonial as their main
  460. # basically giving bullies one more advantage.
  461. #genius! It's almost like he was actually there!
  462. using infrared sensors to locate people under
  463. here in southwestern Taiwan detected
  464. Sanders so that they could meet young men
  465. talked about the importance of electing
  466. targeted by a state sponsored actor
  467. A small minority of those Muslims
  468. sharp objects allowed on school grounds!
  469. added that the board might adjust the rules when it comes to younger children like Za
  470. violated their zero-tolerance policy on weapons
  471. here tis the gois here to gone
  472. immediately and not worry about breaking things
  473. got to get out of it
  474. let an ornery patch raise
  475. roll them out to all their charges
  476. many security pros is keeping
  477. Among the best practices recommended
  478. no requirements in the legislation
  479. hits on the important and cogent points
  480. needed to encourage sharing
  481. liability and antitrust considerations
  482. Industry has been reluctant
  483. issues that could be used
  484. NAO also im the same guy who commented up there^
  485. it also only supports three devices
  486. Bandai Namco that allows players to choose
  487. Off this looks like the best game ever
  488. still in its early stages
  489. Harihara (Ferres). From there, everything else
  490. fewr one of 5 playable classes among 4 races
  491. let's build on this
  492. top 2D and 3D f2p MMORPGs and other new free
  493. Th? và các t?a Game m?i 2015.
  494. one that works as a charging stand
  495. American, Japan, German, French, Russian. It’s still in Alpha testing.
  496. man what language is ME Play W.o.T ME WANT TO PLAY?!?!?!?!?
  497. comes with some surprisingly unique benefits
  498. artificial intelligence to win
  499. ultimate Marvel online action rpg.
  500. will be the same as the next