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91 honda accord stuff

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Old 07 Mar 2005, 10:46 am   #1 (permalink)
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Default 91 honda accord stuff

hey does anyone out there have a 91 honda accord or something close to it? I am thinking about putting some money into it once i get my new job, and i would like to get some ideas/opinions/and facts so i can make a decsion on how to spend my extremely small sum of money. If any fellow owners or people who know lots about this car can post that wouold be extremely helpful! later all, at school, so gots to get back to my edumacation.
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Well i'm an accord driver. My baby is stock for now. If i had the money, i would do an engine swap. If you want to use money over time, than i recommend getting the, intake, etc.
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Old 21 Nov 2005, 07:52 pm   #3 (permalink)
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Talking accord beast

i also owned a accord a 97 it had the basics cold air dc headers chip wires catback gutted cat it was a decent fast car ive raced a lot of cars with it and only lost twice to a crx at the strip because i was sleeping at the light and a miata because i red lighted . the only thing that kills the accord is weight and also it would prolly help to get A vtec f22 or h22. but most of all its a honda and its differnt to have a accord. in my eyes the car can look like crap but as long as its fast it doesnt matter
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Old 22 Nov 2005, 12:12 am   #4 (permalink)
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dude i hate to be a kill joy....and no one els take this the wrong way..but without alot of money...your accords will neve be fast. i drove a 1992 accord and its not fast it will never be fast. if you put in a turbo and an new engine and spend 25K$$ on will run not with DSM's with half the money. thats why i got a DSM..its my track car. i run consistant low 11's....and my next car was a WRX my mom took over the payment yet again...smoke any accord. im buying a 2003 WRX (for thoes of you who knew my 2006...yes there is a reason for the down grade :thumb: ) what im trying to say accord is a fine car..but thats all it is,all it was designed for. save your money...and if you need cheep. a 1992 mitsu GSX (AWD turbo) will run you about 3,000$ and it stock will leave your intake,exhaust chipped accord in the dust. and youll be about 5k richer. all that stuff will add maybe 20 WHP..thing about it...and dont get just being realistic. not mean i think its fine your into tunning. but if you want a truely fast car for less than 5,000 a GSX or GS-T 1990-1994 (gs-t=FWD turbo) is beyond what your accord will be with twice that much..and you can subtract many stock parts from a dsm (dimond star motors) and gain a noticable amount of hp. dont get not bashing on you fella's...just trying to help.
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