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Saw: Movie Discussion

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Old 24 Feb 2005, 01:27 pm   #1 (permalink)
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Default Saw: Movie Discussion

yea yea i know this was posted a few months ago when the movie came out but id just like to start a new thread on this seriously crazy movie. Everyone who hasnt seen this needs to do so immeadiatly!! Mainly, the reason for this thread is id like to ask some questions about it to people who have seen the movie.

1 I did not understand how the "dead guy with blood disease" was just laying there for 6 hours.

2 Was the "dead guy with blood disease" the bad guy behind all of the games?

Thats basically it i got very confused when the bloody diseased guy got up it was weird if someone could clarify this it would be great. By clarify i do not mean Eddy_Wu posting in this thread....... jk
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Old 24 Feb 2005, 01:32 pm   #2 (permalink)
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1. probably had a sleeping pill

2. yeah remember the old guy in the hospital? that was him...
If you're reading this, I'm probably stoned right now.
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havent seen it but i really really want to...
Turner Motorsports

Originally Posted by bmxer99 View Post
WOW THANKS FOR THAT IMPORTANT INFORMATION! lets all get onto the short bus and take a trip to who gives a shit.

congrats bmxer i haven't changed my sig in a REALLY LONG time but that was ... inspirational
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yea its kinda werid how he was just laying there the whole time im sure he had to go take a piss sometime,,,,,,,newayz thats why when Adam faked his death from the cig. he was shocked b/c the bloody man heard what they were saying with the lights off
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