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Conversation Between Memphis and Magnusen

Conversation Between Memphis and Magnusen
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  1. Memphis
    14 Oct 2011 08:37 pm - permalink
  2. Magnusen
    21 May 2011 07:45 pm - permalink
    spun in 2nd, melted the piston or broke a ringland in 5th... we shall find out soon enough. Guess I shoulda sprayed lol.
  3. Magnusen
    28 Apr 2011 08:10 pm - permalink
  4. Memphis
    28 Apr 2011 06:09 pm - permalink
    what is the name?
  5. Magnusen
    28 Apr 2011 05:27 pm - permalink
    You find that motogp movie?
  6. Magnusen
  7. Memphis
    04 Nov 2009 12:49 am - permalink
    That thing is sick, race him 25 cars and you get the hit lol
  8. Magnusen
    31 Oct 2009 10:02 pm - permalink
    The built LT1 TA finally got on the dyno
    Finally got the bird on the dyno... - AKMS Forums
    Not bad, plug swap and further tuning should net some pretty impressive results
  9. Magnusen
    03 May 2009 03:50 am - permalink
    King of the street... probably. I saw the car tonight... it's ****ing rowdy as shit. The track up here is pretty anal about the regs and the car is caged, but, not certified for what it's gonna run IMO. The car that the blower came off of was balls deep in the 8's and this car is built just as well. I think he'll get the boot from the track after his first full pass. We'll see... he said he'd be out at the track this coming weekend, I'll be out there running my car too. Opening weekend... lotta shit goin' down. (no homo)
  10. Memphis
    03 May 2009 12:50 am - permalink
    jeez, with that kind of power is he going to be the king of alaska? lol

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